Jesper Agermose Hansen


Travel app that keeps track of all tickets

Flat design app concept with the focus on user optimization of the many options. It was important to create a solution where it was easy for the user to get an overview of their selections. It was solved with a "basket" or timeline.

Here the user can move and edit added activities and transport options.


Transport app for truck drivers

This Xamarin app allows the user to overview both retrievals and deliveries during truck transports. The app is connected to a web api which keeps the information updated regularly. The driver can register cargo as delivered or colleted. The information is sent directly to the Track & Trace system, which can be monitored by the sender.


Consignment overview platform

This corporate platform app contains a complex information hierachy and data. To create overview we use a flat design together with possibility for the user to identify shipments and hereafter select and see details.

For this a large work in user analysis has been done on both end-user and internal users.


Package app with gamefication

App UI in flat design. The focus was on the creation of a gamification feeling as well as simplifying interactions. The UI design has been optimized to give an easy identification of list items and an overview of shipment details.

A focused userflow was established to nudge the user into spending more points in the points shop.


First Aid app with focus on accessibility


Xamarin developed app. Th main functionality consists of a special designed user interface containing elements of gamification. At the same time buttons are made larger than usual to avoid click errors during stressful situations. The app is connected with an external transmitter unit.


Bar game app without GUI

Game interface design for bar game app. Simple user interface with few menus and optimized for swiping.

The goal was to avoid "buttons" completely and replace them with swiping and double tabbing.


Minimalistic dictionary web/native app

Flat design web and iOS app for online dictionary company. The user can easily choose between dictionaries and receives suggestions for alternative options. Furthermore also development of educational app and statistics module for this.


Webshop with over 500.000 products

User optimized responsive web app with sales conversion and easy user registration in focus. The webshop required mandatory user registration due to a mix of B2C and B2B customers. To accomodate this need the registration process was narrowed down from 7 to 4 steps. Furthermore a new innovative ordering process was introducered.<